Option One Rate

$65per hour
  • At your site or location
  • Mileage to and from location – $.57 per mile

Option Two Rate

$55per hour
  • Remote
  • Your business receives a $10 per hour discount when we provide services remotely.
  • If Pick up and drop off service is needed, then pick up and drop off is FREE 2x per month up to 25 miles each way, then $.57 per mile in excess

Catch up or Clean up

$75billed in 5-hour increment
  • Get your Books Balanced with Catch up and/or Clean Up services.
  • Mileage to and from location – $.57 per mile

After three months of either Option One or Two rates, Monthly Flat Fees are available.

  • Monthly flat fee = average of three month’s actual hours
  • Re-evaluation after every third month An average of the previous three month’s hours will be billed for the following three months, plus an average of any overage from the preceding three months. Example: Monthly flat fee = 4 hours x hourly rate. Actual hours worked for flat fee billing period = 5 hours per month. Re-evaluation and new rate = 5 hours x hourly rate + 1 hour x hourly rate.

One-month retainer due in advance which will be deducted from final billing